Autobody Collision Repair and Restoration Centre

Our Processes

We are an Insurance-Approved Repair Centre and we are currently working towards our ISO 14001 certification. We employ the latest technology in all areas of our workshop from Celette Benches to hosting a state-of-the-art USI-Italia spray booth, the only one of its kind on the African Continent. This facility coupled with our Glasurit water-based paint centre, ensures that we are at the forefront of technology.

For every project that is undertakne at Zikhulise Auto Restorers, we employ the following processes:


We have installed a Computerised Glasurit mixing bank from BASF which is meticulously matched to perfection to each individual vehicle requirement, by highly qualified and experienced personnel. The vehicle is then painted, using water based paints and baked in an airtight and dust free USI Italia Spraying and baking booth.


In Assembly, the vehicle is prepared to have all repaired panels and parts to be carefully refitted to the vehicle. We employ a Specialised Team in this field to ensure attention to every detail is exercised as the vehicle going through the various stages of repairs.


In Post Assembly, the vehicle is then checked for any remaining mechanical work which may need to be attended to and completed. This is followed by our Electrical Technicians who check all the electrics and electronics. All final alignments and adjustments are made to bring all work to completion and the vehicle is ready for Detailing.


After repairs all vehicles receive a complete professional machine polish. The vehicle is then washed, dried and given a final glazing, ensuring extra shine, protecting your paintwork, and bringing your vehicle to pristine, showroom condition.


Though the vehicle passes through various quality check points throughout the process, a dedicated Quality Controller (QC) ensures the vehicle is put through a final inspection and test drive, before the customer is contacted for collection or delivery.